Thursday, October 14, 12:00 AM

1325: Also if they could check on a plate for me for a VIN, number 57848DV? I tried but I can’t get it up.

Dispatcher: Tried it but you can’t get it up, oookay.

1325: I didn’t mean it that way, now.

Thursday, October 14, 12:10 AM

Dispatcher: Event number of one-zero-three-zero. Let me start over: event number of one-three-zero-three-zero, one-three-zero-three-zero.

2143: One-three-zero-zero?

Dispatcher: One-three-zero-three-zero.

2143: One-three-three-zero-zero.

Dispatcher: Thirty-three-thirteen?

2143: Thirty?

Dispatcher: Thirty-thirty. One-thirty-thirty.

2143: Ten-four.

Monday, November 8, 12:45 AM

Dispatcher: 1115?

1115: Get it tagged and ready to go, ’cause we was fast and they was slow. So we’re goin’ to 11 and fill this out.

Dispatcher: Yeah, it was good.

Unidentified caller: So good.

Wednesday, November 10, 5:20 PM

Dispatcher: 211, looks like this guy’s returned again. Sex-offense-other, he’s masturbating there behind the Dumpster at 3500 S. Giles, the parking lot of Dock’s Fish. Look for the male black, 20 years old, gold cap, blue jean jacket.

211: We’ll ride down there but call for a 21st District car.

Dispatcher: I’ll let ya ride by there….All right, 211? He’s at 35th and King now, at the Amoco. Red hat, blue jacket, and he’s walkin’ down the street while he’s doin’ it. He’s multitalented.

211: Miss, can you call a 21st District car over there? We’re by there, but that’s the 21st District side.

2120: 2120.

Dispatcher: 2120?

2120: Yeah, 2112 is in the intersection at three-five and King. Perhaps they can handle that?

Dispatcher: All right, 2112?

2112: 2112.

Dispatcher: We got a white guy walkin’ toward ya at 35th and King there, walkin’ to the Amoco, supposed to be masturbating while he’s walkin’ down the street. Got a red hat, blue jacket, says “Chicago” in white on the jacket. Twenty years old. Other call came in said he had a gold cap.

2112: [garbled] He’s doin’ all that, ten-four.