Tuesday, March 12, 10:35 PM

DISPATCHER: Take a ride over to 59– Nina, see Barbara there. She says her 19-year-old son took her car without permission, a white Jeep Cherokee.

812: Ten-four.

DISPATCHER: She wants to make it all reported stolen and everything now.

812: Piece o’ paper to me.

Tuesday, March 19, 9:50 AM

DISPATCHER: 2573, help me out with this damage to property just occurred, you’re my only other car. Let me get back to you, ’73. 2514?

2514: Make it pronto, OK! There’s all kindsa shit goin’ on here!

DISPATCHER: Ah, make it pronto units, make it pronto. 2523, how far away are you?

2523: Comin’ from the station.

DISPATCHER: Comin’ from the station, he’s comin’ from the station, ten-four. 2573, damage to property just occurred, 52– W. Diversey, pay phone, says somebody just broke the pay phone, tried to jimmy the phone. Offender is five feet five inches, earring in the ear, last seen wearing a black sweatshirt walking down Diversey, no further. If you come clear right away, then I’m sure they could use you over there on that fire. Ten-four, thank you.

2573: We’re going to the fire first. Sounds like he needs more help than a phone.


Tuesday, March 19, 11:55 AM

DISPATCHER: What’s your beat? What beat are you on? I didn’t catch your beat. I know it was 23, but–ah, come on, don’t make life hard, what’s your beat?

2343: 2343–Tom.

DISPATCHER: Jee-sus, all right, ten-four.

Tuesday, March 19, 3:10 PM

DISPATCHER: ’31, ride over to that battery in progress, Waveland and Tripp.

1731: My partner’s in the station.

DISPATCHER: All right, ten-four. . . . 1731, just so you know, 7565 is walkin’ over there also. You’re not goin’ in alone, don’t worry.

1731: No, I don’t worry. I got my two friends with me.