Thursday, December 9, 10:45 PM

Dispatcher: Are you privy to being pawed?

Unidentified Caller number one: I wish.

Unidentified Caller number two: What’s wrong with pawing girls?

Unidentified Caller number three: We don’t paw on our kitties.

Dispatcher: Do we just pet our kitties?

Unidentified Caller number four: Meow.

Unidentified Caller number one: Real nice.

Unidentified Caller number two: You’re gay too.

Unidentified Caller number four: Aaayyyy.

Unidentified Caller number five: Inbred trailer trash.

Unidentified Caller number four: But you still love me.

Dispatcher: Boy, what a family show this is.

Thursday, December 9, 11:20 PM

Dispatcher: All right guys, I’m gonna put this out there, I don’t know if it’s related to anything. Units in 11 and citywide, we’re gettin’ a person shot, 7– N. Ridgeway. Says there’s about 30 male blacks and somebody shot on the street, I’m gettin’ over 15 calls. Eleventh District, zone ten radio. Anybody available?

5490: Yeah squad, I’ll go up there and I’ve got one unit to go with me.

Dispatcher: Supposed to be shot in the head and shot in the face, so–we’re gettin’ a lot of calls, I’m gettin’ over 20 calls now. Says gunshots were heard up and down the street. Nine shots were heard.

5490: Chicago Avenue, two minutes!

Dispatcher: Couple tickets said they heard at least nine shots. Male black crying out in front.

5490: 5490.

Dispatcher: 490?

5490: DOA. Give me the crime lab.

Dispatcher: Give you the whole ball of wax, ten-four. Do you have enough help there, sir?

5490: I’ve got enough help, I’m just trying to get this crime scene secure.

Dispatcher: 1140, go ahead, boss.

1140: Paper car assigned over here yet?

Dispatcher: I don’t have nobody, sarge. As soon as I get somebody, if you spot anybody. 47?

1147: Squad, you can clear us from that lunch, we’ll take that paper.

Dispatcher: Man, these guys are the best, ten-four.

5490: Squad, on all those calls you got, did you get anything where anybody provided a description of a car or offender or anything?

Dispatcher: Negative sir. Not one.

5490: All right, good enough. Thank you.

1147: 1147, additional information.

Dispatcher: Go ahead, talk to us.

1147: All right squad, we got one of the guys that was wit ’em, so we’re gonna hang on to him until the detectives come and talk to him.

Dispatcher: That’s good. 5490, 47 has apparently somebody that was with the person there.

5490: 5490. Have ’em take ’em right into Area Four on the second floor.

1106-B: 1106-Boy. 1147?

Dispatcher: 1147?

1147: 47, go ahead.

1106: I think I know what you wanted to tell me. I’ll help you out, no problem.

1147: Thanks.

Unidentified caller: You’re gonna let him know that you’re gay?

Dispatcher: All right guys, we ain’t got time for that today.