Monday, December 29, 10:35 AM

Dispatcher: 2513.

2513: You want to make a little notation? Um, in the 1800 block of Nagle or Natchez, if somebody calls about a dog that’s lost, a black rockwilder with no–it’s just got a choker chain on it, I put it in the yard at 18–! (Laughs.)

Dispatcher: (Laughs.) I’m sure they’ll be pleased, ten-four.

Wednesday, December 31, 12:45 PM

Unidentified Caller: Makin’ reservations for tonight?

Unidentified Caller number two: Which viaduct?

Wednesday, December 31, 11:56 PM

Unidentified Caller: What time is it, squad?

Dispatcher number one: The time on the wall is 23:56.

Dispatcher number two: We have a complainant says someone just fired through his window, no further information, 18th District, zone four radio.

Dispatcher number three: 25– Moffat, shots fired.

Unidentified caller number two: A moment of silence for all the officers who were hurt in 1997.

Dispatcher Number Four: Shots fired, anonymous citizen says it sounds like it’s coming out of apartment 2– at 28– N. Leavitt.

Unidentified Caller Number Three: Premature, huh?

Dispatcher number four: Maybe he was tryin’ to be the last homicide victim, or offender, for 1997.

Dispatcher number five: They’re running up and down the street firing shots, use caution.

Dispatcher number six: Belmont, in the parking lot, shots fired.

Dispatcher number seven: Units in 24, we’re also getting shots fired, 65– N. Greenview, and also 1700 block of Touhy.

Unidentified caller number four: Hey, I think I hear gunfire.

Dispatcher number eight: Today is January 1, 1998, it’s Thursday, this is zone two radio, you’re on KAZ 996, Chicago Police.

Dispatcher number nine: Happy…life.

Unidentified caller number five:

Yeah, you too squad!