Sunday, March 22, 3:25 AM

Dispatcher: Marquette 13.

1013: 13.

Dispatcher: 13, would you check an attempted suicide, 36– W. Ogden? The victim is busy on Washington, has on a gray coat, black pants, black shoes. She’s walkin’ in the middle of the street tryin’ to get hit by a car. Says ’cause her husband died–no further information.

1013: I was out there three hours ago and they were drag racing over there.

Dispatcher: And 13? She’s been drinking and she’s high on coke, OK?

1013: That’s a gimme.

Wednesday, March 25, 11:45 PM

Dispatcher: At the Clover playlot, 22– Southport, caller says the loud teens are playin’ basketball.

Unidentified Caller: OK, we’ll call the game.

Unidentified Caller Number Two: Sudden death?

Thursday, March 26, 12:05 AM

Dispatcher: In case anyone is interested, the detox at 58– N. Kenmore is closed for the night. Full house.

Unidentified Caller: Oh darn.

Unidentified Caller Number Two: Now where am I gonna spend the night?

Thursday, March 26, 10:40 PM

Dispatcher: 2523?

2523: 2523.

Dispatcher: A fire going on, 31– on Lawndale, it’s a car on fire in the alley.

2523: We can’t just let it burn?

Dispatcher: OK, my partner’s indicating that it’s a possible stolen auto at that location.

2523: So the answer’s no?