Thursday, April 30, 12:15 AM

Dispatcher: OK, we got two gangs getting ready to fight out on the street. You got the Black Gangster Disciples against the Gangster Disciples, and you got an off-duty PO on the scene, no name.

Unidentified caller: Which one does he belong to?

Dispatcher: Exactly what my partner just asked me.

thursday, May 14, 11:40 PM

Dispatcher: 1458, you wanna ride on those shots fired, 20– W. Armitage? Mr. B____ on the third floor says three to four shots fired, Latin Kings are out there shooting at him. He’d like to see the police.

1458: Well, he’s not going to be able to see these police. You got us down right now doing residential parkers and when we’re clear from that we’ll let you know.

Dispatcher: 458, let’s take a disregard on those parkers. Ride on the shots fired.

1458: Not when I’m in the middle of a ticket. I’ll finish this and then I’ll let you know.

Dispatcher: OK, as soon as you finish the ticket, that’s fine.

Unidentified caller: All these jobs and you got guys on parkers, squad?

Dispatcher: 1443? 443? You gonna take those shots fired?

1443: Ten-four.

Wednesday, May 20, 4:00 PM

Dispatcher: 1913, units in the 19th District, units in 19, we’re gettin’ a person with a gun, person with a gun, 20– W. Diversey, Diversey and Leavitt they’re tellin’ us. He’s a male black in a light blue top, dark pants. Caller stated that he’s with another person, and there’s a third male lying on the ground face down, lying on the ground face down. Unknown what happened to him. The guy with the gun is a male black, light blue top and dark pants. That’s at Diversey and Leavitt, this is zone number two radio, 19th District.

1913: I’ll take a ride on that one, I’m on my way in.

Unidentified caller: Wonder what our uniform looks like today.

2381: 2381.

Dispatcher: 2381.

2381: Motorists are telling us that some people are taking all kinds of property from 31– N. Broadway, which is the location of a furniture store where the owner was evicted today. So we’re gonna go by and take a look, OK?

Dispatcher: OK, 31– N. Broadway, people looting. 2381 is walking over there.

Unidentified caller: We can shoot looters, right?