Friday, June 12, 10:40 PM

Dispatcher: Looks like we’re comin’ back to play on Sunday.

Unidentified Caller: Bite your tongue.

unidentified caller number two: Who cares?

Unidentified Caller number three: Overtime! Overtime!

Unidentified Caller number four: Show me the money.

18-D: 18-David. Tell all D sector units to come out to their intersections with their helmets.

Dispatcher: All D sector units, out to the intersection with your helmets, please. Eighteenth D sector units out to the intersection with your helmets.

Unidentified caller number five: What for? They lost.

18-D: Tell ’em I still want ’em on post.

Dispatcher: He still wants you on post–there may be suicidal, despondent fans.

Unidentified caller number two: Who cares?

Sunday, June 14, 10:45 PM

Dispatcher: 2322, if you’re going to the Thorek, you’ve got an injured person in the Thorek by the name of Mormon, Mormon, who was supposed to have got hurt at Irving and Sheridan. Irving and Sheridan is where he’s supposed to got hurt.

2322: Ten-four.

Unidentified caller: Must be from Utah.


2107: Lights out on 35th Street, seems like a generator’s blown.

Dispatcher: OK, power outage, 35th and what? 35th and what, ma’am?

2107: Looks like King to Indiana, maybe to Michigan. Might be from a fire, 35th and Federal, 35th and State.

Unidentified caller: I didn’t know you

worked for Com Ed.

2106: 2106, the lights are back on.

Dispatcher: Ten-four, 2106, they’re back on. Ten-four, thank you.

2110: 2110.

Dispatcher: 110. 110, go ahead, sir.

2110: Yeah, let’s reserve the stupid comments for when we don’t need ’em, OK?

Dispatcher: Ten-four, sir, thank you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2:10 PM

Dispatcher: 1942, an auto accident now in the Ravenswood. Go to the labor room ’cause she’s eight months pregnant. She’s gonna be in the labor room.

1942: Uh, you’re probably talkin’ about a long job here.

Unidentified caller: Gonna take you at least a month to finish, squad.

Dispatcher: 42, you know what? Go ahead and disregard it then.