Wednesday, July 15, 12:00 AM

1433: I got a gray Corsica with one male Hispanic; we’re making a street stop a little south on Elston from Division.

Dispatcher: On Elston from Division, ten-four.

1361-B: 361-Boy. The car that they were breaking into appeared to be a red Maxima, I mean, I’m sorry, a gray Maxima. We have a gray Maxima over here on Halsted and Division; the occupant matches the description given of the wanted subject.

1458: Squad, we’re here with the owner of that red Maxima now, we’re at about 12– on Noble.

Dispatcher: OK, 12– on Noble with the owner of the Maxima, ten-four. OK, 61-Boy has it stopped over by Halsted and Division. 61-Boy, am I correct, you have that red Maxima stopped over at Halsted and Division?

1361-B: We have a gray Maxima stopped at Halsted and Division right now, and we have a male Hispanic subject here with a red and black shirt. I believe that was the description of the person who tried to break into the red Maxima.

Dispatcher: Ten-four. 433?

1433: Yeah, our guy was not the right individual. It was kind of a bluish Maxima.

Dispatcher: OK, ten-four. A citizen called this in so I don’t have anyone who can basically ID these guys. 1351?

1351: 351, I’m already–I’m on my way.

Dispatcher: 351, you’re on your way.

1351: I’m gonna pass by, lock both of them up.

Dispatcher: Ten-four.

1352: 352. I was en route to that also, but since I see that he’s got plenty of help, I’ll take a disregard.

Unidentified Caller number one: If he has so much help, why don’t one of them take it, ’cause it’s probably gonna take me into overtime, I know it.

Dispatcher: They’re all response, rapids that are responding.

Unidentified caller number two: It’s so complicated.

Wednesday, July 15, 12:05 AM

Dispatcher: 1442, check the well-being, 26– N. Saint Louis, on the three. Says it sounds like someone is killing themselves on the third floor, there’s lots of banging and groaning, sounds like the person upstairs is alone in pain.

1442: Or something else. Ten-four.

Unidentified caller: Maybe she’s not alone, maybe she’s not in pain.

Dispatcher: I wasn’t gonna ask.

Wednesday, July 15, 12:35 AM

Dispatcher: 22– Saint Louis, got a missing–it’s a missing female, 15 years old, five-five, 140, long hair, brown eyes, light complected. She’s been gone for four days and I guess now mom’s startin’ to miss her. 1132?

1132: 1132.

Dispatcher: 1132, good morning, guys. When you get started you got a reckless driver at 6– S. Pulaski. It’s a brown and beige two-door Cutlass with a male black teen nicknamed Shotgun; Shotgun drivin’ reckalessly. Recklessly.

1132: They’re all reckless down here.

Dispatcher: Listen, if they weren’t, you know we’d all be carryin’ drywall for $3.50 an hour somewhere.