Saturday, October 3, 1:00 AM

4569-Adam: We got Monica and Linda goin’ to Area Four lockup.

Dispatcher: OK.

Unidentified caller: Book that fight, baby.

Saturday, October 3, 11:10 PM

Dispatcher: 540?

2520: 2520. Whaddaya need?

Dispatcher: Put in a request for a supervisor, 19– N. Kildare. Miss R– said two people were in their yard claiming to be police officers and one was in uniform. She wants to know what they were doing.

2520: Excuse me, squad, but what did they do that was wrong?

Dispatcher: That I could not tell you.

2520: Could you call her back and just ask her?

Dispatcher: Sure.

Unidentified caller: Trespassing.

Dispatcher: 520, information.

2520: 20.

Dispatcher: OK. A Mr. M– says the police officers didn’t do anything wrong, but they went through his yard several times and he wants to know what is the problem.

2520: Well, I don’t know how I would be able to tell him that, squad.

Dispatcher: He wants to see a police officer. He wants to see if his house is under surveillance or something.

2520: Call him back and tell him no.

Sunday, October 4, 12:10 AM

1040: You know, we’re really busy right now. They’re always out there playing police, let ’em be the police, let ’em lock ’em up.

Unidentified caller: Good job.

Dispatcher: 40. 1040? 1040? Well, this guy’s calling from a coin-operated phone, this off-duty police officer, so we have no way of contacting him.

1040: Thought it was an on-duty jail guard. Thank you.

Dispatcher: OK. 1021 unit, continue on over there.

1021: Just a second. Do they need us for the body pickup first?

Dispatcher: Well, we need you to help this police officer first, all right? Let’s take care of our own.

1021: Oh?

1022: 1022. Let me know when 1040 gets free. He can come in the station regarding this CTA incident.

Dispatcher: 1045. The state’s attorney’s office is lookin’ for an assist at 28th and Hamlin, 28– S. Hamlin. They pulled over a drunken driver who just sideswiped ’em and they’re lookin’ for an assist. He’s on 28th Street facing westbound at Hamlin.

Unidentified caller: Everybody wants to play police tonight.