Wednesday, December 2, 11:00 AM

1351: 351 is clear.

Unidentified Caller: –code on this one?

Dispatcher: Is that 1351 coming clear?

1351: Coming clear, squad.

Unidentified Caller: –code–

Dispatcher: What traffic unit was coming in?

1351: 351 is clear.

Unidentified Caller: –on this?

Dispatcher: 1351, I have you clear. What male officer is coming in?

Unidentified caller: [yelling] Tell her to shut up so 1489-Charlie can find out if I gotta code this fuckin’ thing out!

Dispatcher: Ten-four 1489-Charlie, and we’ll need a code from you.

1489-C: It’s an unfounded on a domestic, squad, make it a 5-Paul.

Unidentified caller number two: That’s real important.

Wednesday, December 2, 12:25 AM

Dispatcher: 1433, I’ll get ya a backup–you have an assault in progress at the Home Depot, 1232 W. North Avenue. Complainant says the offender’s on the scene, supposed to be a male white, tall, beard, nothing further. Could be more than one–it says offenders–but all we’re getting is male white, tall and a beard, assault in progress.

1433: Yeah. Happy holidays.

Thursday, December 3, 12:05 AM

Dispatcher: Fifty, information? 1550?

1550: 1550.

Dispatcher: For notification purposes, where was the victim shot, and what’s the condition?

1550: Shot in the gluteus maximus. And he’s in good condition.

Dispatcher: A male?

1550: Male black, twice in the butt.

Dispatcher: Ten-four. Need an ET?

1550: Hahahaha.

Friday, December 4, 12:05 AM

Dispatcher: Units, again in the second district, they’re gonna take this whole church away at 48– to — S. Michigan. Takin’ the altar and the pews out the door in their truck, if nobody’s responding.