Thursday, January 9, 11:15 PM

Dispatcher: 1046, would you look at a domestic at 13– South Independence, apartment 1-E. There’s no name, it’s a domestic, and the caller asked for the police. The phone was hung up, we called back, caller said they do not need the police but someone in the background was yelling “Yes we do, yes we do!” Lots of yellin’ and cussin’–hate to see them come to my house on a Friday.

1046: Ten-four.

Dispatcher: 1-E. 1068-David?

1068-D: 1068-David.

Dispatcher: I got sellin’ drugs, 11– South Troy on the third floor. I’ll read you this now–you ready?

1068-D: OK, go ahead.

Dispatcher: Says a male black called “Silky,” wearing a blue skullcap, black jacket, and jeans, is selling drugs from the third-floor apartment. Keeps the drugs there and in the trunk of his purple BMW–which is out in front, not on the third floor. He is known to carry a gun, either on himself or in his trunk.

1068-D: Gotta see the movie.

Dispatcher: Yeah man, I can hardly wait. And who the hell drives a purple BMW?

Unidentified caller: Silky do!

Friday, January 10, 12:20 AM

Dispatcher: 1111? Two elevens? Got a robbery in progress, 845 North Karlov…four men robbing the pizza guy in a white car. Defendants armed with a hammer. Oh, if I had a hammer, I’d get me a sausage and cheese.

1111: Ten-four.

1110: 1110. I’m ridin’ on that–I’m a half a block away.

1111: What’s the address on that?

dispatcher: 845 North Karlov.

1111: Want pepperoni?

Dispatcher: If I can’t get sausage, yeah.

1140: 1140. Where’d the call come from?

Dispatcher: Come from that location. You think when they get to the pizza guy they’ll say “Cold again”?


Dispatcher: 1121? 1121?

1121: 1121.

Dispatcher: Got a domestic for ya. I’ll read this: Two. Cracked head. Sisters. Mother’s heart. Problem….OK, this is it: Caller says two crackhead sisters are fightin’ with the mother, who’s got a heart problem.