Sunday, March 16, 11:45 PM

1022: 1022, emergency!

Dispatcher: 22, go ahead. Units stand by. 22 an emergency, go ahead.

1022: Car just took off, he’s westbound on Douglas, might have a weapon, and it’s a gray–think he just turned northbound–he’s speeding northbound on Homan, gray Monte Carlo, plate of B–.

Dispatcher: Northbound Douglas and Homan, we had a car go, gray–gray Monte Carlo, gray Monte Carlo. Go ahead, 22.

1022: This guy supposedly stuck up these dope dealers, looked like he had a gun. He was northbound on Homan, from Douglas, and he took the corner in this gray Monte Carlo, and that’s all we know. Male black.

Dispatcher: If anyone sees this vehicle, try to stop it. Proceed with caution.

1042: 1042, emergency!

dispatcher: Go ahead 42. Units stand by.

1042: 1042 northbound on Central Park passing Fillmore, we’re behind a car with that plate. We’re going northbound on Central Park past Throop coming up to the expressway!

Dispatcher: Ten-four, keep the air clear. Go ahead, give us more.

1042: Going northbound on Central Park from Jackson, approaching Lake, approaching Lake, northbound Central Park! It’s a gray Riviera, gray Riviera! He’s on Lake now, squad, he’s on Lake, going eastbound on Lake Street, eastbound on Lake Street!

Dispatcher: Going eastbound on Lake from Central…

1042: Correction squad, Washington, Washington, correction squad, Washington, he’s going eastbound on Washington!

Dispatcher: He’s going on Washington now. Go ahead, sir. 42, go ahead. Go ahead, the air is yours. Unit, go ahead.

Unidentified caller: Where’s he at?

Dispatcher: Where you at, sir, where you at?

Unidentified caller: Somebody drive eastbound on Washington, make sure those officers are OK.

Another unidentified caller: I just took Sacramento straight down Washington, no one’s there.

1069-A: 69-Adam. They’re telling me a gray car just came flyin’ down Homan northbound past Fulton, north of Fulton.

Dispatcher: North of Fulton now, through Homan and north of Fulton.

1069-A: He was doin’ about a hundred, so you know, north of Fulton might have been a couple of minutes ago and about ten miles the way he was goin’, but that’s last seen here.

Dispatcher: Ten-four. We’re tryin’ to find the unit that was behind him, we’re not hearing nothing from that unit.

4332: 4332!

Dispatcher: 4332, go ahead sir.

4332: Two other cars runnin’ red lights goin’ northbound on Sacramento from Lake! There’s a car, he’s runnin’ about three red lights, a black Chevy–but he’s got nothin’ to do with anything! He’s coming up to Fulton right now. There’s a squad car. He sees the blue lights flashing.

Dispatcher: Sir, go ahead, we got Fulton and Sacramento.

4332: He’s in custody.

Dispatcher: Let me know if this is the car we’re lookin’ for, please.

Unidentified Caller: Not at all.

1040: OK, we’ve got the black car stopped at Franklin and Sacramento. The last description of the other vehicle was a gray Riviera–Monte Carlo–one black male occupant armed with a gun.

1042: 1042. We were the ones who were following that one north on Central Park, that was definitely a Riviera.

4332: 4332. Squad, the car we got that was runnin’ all these fuckin’ red lights has nothin’ to do with anything, but they must have been followin’ this car to make sure he got away, ’cause they were well worried about who the police was chasin’.

Dispatcher: Ten-four. Right now we know everyone’s OK? We’re all accounted for? 1042, let’s have 1042 talk. 1042?

1042: 1042.

Dispatcher: When you last seen that gray car, where was it, sir?

1042: OK, last time we seen it, we were up around Fillmore, just north of Fillmore on Central Park, still going northbound.

Dispatcher: Northbound and he was going about speeds of about, what’d they say, about a hundred maybe?

1042: Squad, he was clippin’ really good.