Monday, April 14, 12:45 AM

Unidentified caller: Jesus Christ, where’s fire?

Unidentified caller number two: Those poor firemen got to wipe the sleep from their eyes.

Unidentified caller number three: Got to catch up on their rest.

Unidentified caller number four: (singing) Oh, the fireman is your friend…

Dispatcher: It’s karaoke night.

Unidentified caller number five: Two professions that pay you to go to bed: firemen and prostitutes.

Friday, April 18, 12:05 AM

Dispatcher: Tac cars still available in the Tenth District for 16– S. Trumbull? Cars buying drugs on the street, blocking traffic. 16– Trumbull.

1062: 62 Adam.

Dispatcher: OK, ten-four. Not much, on the street only.

1062: Give it a 19-Paul [unfounded].

Dispatcher: OK, although what it says in the remarks is that the people who are selling, they’re supposed to have police scanners, so they know when we go anyway, so thanks.

Friday, April 18, 12:35 AM

Dispatcher: Ride on over to — N. Karlov. People shouting at the cars that they got discount prices on drugs.

1111: Well, they got to give ’em a break sometimes, I guess.