Friday, June 13, 11:15 PM–

Saturday, June 14, 12:15 AM

Dispatcher: Disturbances, 19– Kedzie, 28– Wilcox, 9– N. Karlov, 31– Flournoy, that’s at the courthouse, at the courthouse. Person with a gun, 14– Kostner. You got a person with a gun at that location–men with guns shootin’, fightin’ in the street, no complainant, no nothin’, zone ten.

1110: You got a roving foot patrol to stand by on Division and Hamlin for the looted businesses?

Dispatcher: I need a roving foot patrol, Division and Hamlin. They’re breakin’ in a store, Jackson and Campbell. I got fresh shots fired, guys, fresh shots fired, 4– N. Ridgeway, 41– Crenshaw. More looting, 12– Kinzie, 40– on 26th Street, they’re breakin’ in.


589: Citizen says 111th and 110th block of Indiana there are men with guns and they’re jumpin’ on top of cars and damagin’ ’em.


127: Can you let somebody in 18 know that three cars just went northbound the wrong way down Wells at a high rate of speed going towards Kinzie? Tell ’em to look out.


2190-A: We were drawing some fire from some buildings to the north of here. There were snipers on the roof. See ’em?

2100: I’ll check with their coordinator.

Dispatcher: Attention units in 21, we’re getting shots fired, 45– Drexel, shots fired. Also we’re getting a disturbance at 45– Ellis. All this happening in zone five in the 21st district.


Dispatcher: 1624? Teens are checking the autos, 63– W. Irving. Uh, they’re walking on the autos over there, walking on ’em.


Dispatcher: Suspicious person, 23– west on Grand, male white, short blond hair. Has a baseball.


Dispatcher: Everybody at Fullerton and Lake Shore Drive, send them to Hollywood, they can’t get off anyplace in our zone. Send them all the way to Hollywood.

1920: Everything’s OK, we got the nitwits drivin’ around, but there’s nothin’ happenin’.

Dispatcher: 1969-Boy, I got a suspicious person, 27– N. Hoyne, it’s a female black wearing only a white top arguing with a man in the middle of the street. 1969-Boy, you gonna check that out? OK, thanks.


Dispatcher: All right boys and girls, fresh jobs comin’ in, here we go: got the alarm, 19– Keeler; got battery in progress 47– Jackson; battery in progress 26– on 12th Place; robbery in progress, shooting, looting, 19– Keeler; shots fired 28– Lawndale; 41– Crenshaw, shots fired; 33– Madison, shots fired; 43– on 25th Street I got a fire comin’ in. 1032?

1032: Got any more on that male white Hispanic with a gun, squad?

Dispatcher: Baggy black pants and a silver revolver, that’s all I can tell ya.

1032: Ten-four, thank you.

Unidentified Caller: Can you hold me down? It’s my day off.

Dispatcher: Yeah, but listen, aren’t you having a good time for time and a half?

Unidentified Caller: Fuck no.

Dispatcher: Where else could you make this much money and have so much fun?


Dispatcher: All units stand by. Units in 25 and citywide, we’re getting a ten-one, a ten-one, 24– N. Laurel. Complainant says that a gang of boys are surrounding a single officer. That’s a ten-one, units, 24– N. Laurel. Units in 25 again, we’re now getting a ten-one with fire, fire’s calling for the assist at 38– W. Division. They’re throwing bricks and bottles at the fire crew at that location. That’s the 25th district, zone 12, radio. 2534?

2534: Nothing on Laurel, somebody threw a bottle at somebody’s dad. There’s no policeman involved.


Dispatcher: 34– W. Belmont, says they’re jumpin’ on the cars now.


Dispatcher: Need any help over there at 23– Stevens?

Unidentified Caller: I’m all right, I got Rita with me.

Dispatcher: Then you don’t have to worry about nothing.


1154: 54. Can we get the services of air unit? We need some light on the back of 25– W. Jackson. They’re ganging up back there in the dark area, and it’s just rainin’ rocks and bottles on our squads.

Dispatcher: Do you want the lights or do you want some help?

1154: A unit would be nice but a light would probably scare them and not deplete the units up. ‘Cause they got cover of darkness and they just rainin’ it down. So if you get a chopper over here, it’ll probably do it.

Dispatcher: Ten-four, 54.

Unidentified Caller: Ridgeway and Chicago, we’re gettin’ bottles thrown at us!

Dispatcher: Ridgeway and Chicago, I need help.

1044: 1044.

Dispatcher: 44, 4499’s comin’ out of the academy right now, he’s got five sergeants and 45 patrolmen, where do you want them to go?

1044: 16th and Homan.

Dispatcher: He’s got ’em on the horses, they’re en route. OK, shots fired, 19– Sawyer, gettin’ shots fired. Someone needs help, 15– Avers, 15– Troy, 11– S. Troy, they need help. There’s shots fired, 38– Polk, 39– Lexington, and 35 are you OK? 1135?

1135: All right. We’re changin’ a flat.

Dispatcher: All right, 38– Polk, shots fired, machine-gun fire…I don’t believe that’s possible. I got a person shot, 41– Jackson, person shot, fire’s responding.

1107: Call in the air strike–emergency.

Dispatcher: Yeah 7, go with your emergency.

1107: We’re getting hit with bricks and bottles.

1004: Emergency, 1004-Adam, 16th and Drake is going up!

Dispatcher: You know what, 4499’s en route with 45 patrolmen, he’s en route.

1004: They’re pullin’ up. Slow it down on Drake, they got it under control.

Unidentified Caller: Bulls win.