Tuesday, September 30, 12:50 AM

Dispatcher: Hey George, how’s it goin’?

George: I’m OK, how are you?

Dispatcher: Fine, since it’s my last night. Yes!

Unidentified caller: You quit? Yes!

Dispatcher: Shut up Alex, I know you’d be crying if I left.

Alex: Yeah, tears of happiness.

Dispatcher: Tears of loneliness.

Tuesday, September 30, 12:55 AM

2445: Can I mobile with my partner, please?

Dispatcher: 2445’s other half?

2445 Number Two: 45.

2445 Number one: Hey, I’m lonely.

2445 Number Two: Buy a dog.

Tuesday, September 30, 1:00 AM

Dispatcher: 2071? See complainant, 5— on Ashland, says there’s a large, vicious dog that jumped into her van, and now it’s his van and he won’t let anybody come near. See what you can do for ’em?

2071: Ten-four, we’re right down the street.

Dispatcher: Yeah, have a good time.

Tuesday, September 30, 1:05 AM

2031: 2031. We’ve got this savage beast, and 71’s gonna bring it in for us to the station.

Dispatcher: Ten-four.

Saturday, October 4, 10:40 PM

Dispatcher: Units in three and on citywide, we’re getting a bomb threat in the Third District station. Caller on a cell phone, man called on a cell phone, stated bomb in the police station–71st District according to the ticket, then hung up. Bomb threat, 7040 South Cottage in the Third District station.

Unidentified Caller: Put a trace on that phone call, find out where it came from.

Dispatcher: Came from a cell phone.

Unidentified Caller Number Two: Looks like they’re gonna have to evacuate the station.

Dispatcher: 399? 99? Third District desk information?

399: They’re all runnin’ out the door, squad!

Dispatcher: Third District desk?

399: Come on, squad.

Dispatcher: We’ll call ’em on the Bell, guys.

Unidentified Caller Number Three: Bomb might be hooked up to the phone line.

Dispatcher: Units in the Third District, let’s stay off the radio regarding that bomb threat. Don’t use your radios until we code this thing out.

Unidentified Caller Number Four: Would that be the radios that’s transmitting from the station?

Dispatcher: I’m assuming so. I don’t think you should use those frequencies until we code this thing out. Just to be safe.

Unidentified Caller Number five: Duh…

Unidentified Caller Number Six: Is it safe to go in the station for checkoff, or should I stay away?

Unidentified Caller Number Seven: What if there’s no more station to check off in?

Dispatcher: Units, go into the station for checkoff. Good night.

Unidentified Caller Number eight: It’s gone, squad. No more work for us.

Dispatcher: It’s going nowhere. Go home.

Unidentified Caller Number nine: Quickly.