Saturday, October 18, 5:05 PM

Dispatcher: 2545, I need ya to take a ride in the 30 sector for a domestic battery, 3600 North Avenue, going eastbound on North Avenue is a male Hispanic beating his girlfriend. They’re walking eastbound on North Avenue, that’s all

I got.

2545: Squad, I just explained this to you, I’m going to the station in 15 minutes to make a prisoner run to 26th and Cal!

Dispatcher: OK, well I just sat down, I’ll hold you down on it.

Unidentified caller Number one: Take one in and do yer…

Unidentified caller number two: Waahhh…

Unidentified caller number three: What a baby.

Unidentified caller number four: And no one else can do that…

Dispatcher: 2535, got a domestic battery, 3600 block of North Avenue, says there’s a male Hispanic beating up his girlfriend, she’s walking eastbound on North Avenue, 3600 block.

2535: All right. Since 45 has that run, we’ll take care of that for him.

Unidentified caller number five: It’s a dupe!

Unidentified caller number six: Hohohohohohoho…

Unidentified caller number seven: Isn’t that 53’s job?

Unidentified caller number eight: That freak?

Saturday, October 25, 1:15 AM

1122: This is the same job we had last week a couple of times: family problems but visible devil worship in the apartment.

Dispatcher: Ten-four.

1122: We’ve got two curfews that we just picked up, we’re doin’ our paperwork, we’re gonna be droppin ’em off on Washington Street.

Dispatcher: No problem. Listen, when you’re done with that, 22, would you go to 5– N. Springfield for a fight, family fight?

1122: No problem, as long as they’re not dead by the time I get there.

Saturday, October 25, 2:50 AM

Dispatcher: On this criminal sexual assault, I’ll have to read you the rest of this off the air.

Unidentified Caller number one: Oh, come on. Share it with the rest of the class.

Dispatcher: OK, I’m gonna read it to you ’cause it may help catch the offender. That old Jeffrey Fisher’s gonna fall out of his chair when he hears this: [complainant says offender] went into her cousin’s room twice and asked her to perform oral copulation on him–before the third time when she woke up and he was rubbin’ his penis on her lips. She asked him to leave and he said, nope, he’s not finished, he’s not goin’. Before it happened again, she called the police. Film at eleven.

Unidentified caller Number two: Copulation–isn’t that a consenting act between two police officers?