Monday, January 29, 12:00-1:00 AM

1406: Citizen tells me a male black Hispanic bailed out of this car and was seen westbound through the alley. I’m playing Indian out here, following some tracks, so be aware.

Dispatcher: OK, cars in the vicinity of 2700 Nelson, be on the lookout for a male black Hispanic, may have dumped the car in the alley there. 406 is tracking him in the snow, I guess. Can I find out, was that robber armed?


1442: 42. I’m with 406 with the tracks in the alley.

1431: 31. I’m here with the car and it’s definitely the right car. And every time you open the door the alarm goes off.

1441: 1441. Can I get permission from a supervisor to take a victim to–he’s a Burger King manager–Diversey and Pulaski? The offender’s taken some car keys.

Dispatcher: OK, 41, I got the OK.

UNIDENTIFIED CALLER: And get me a Whopper with cheese.

1441: Busiest Burger King in the midwest, he tells me.

UNIDENTIFIED CALLER: Hold the cheese, hold the onions.


1434: Uh, 434. The shoe prints are comin’ out, onto Nelson and California, and they’re, like, headed southbound on California. That’s the last we can pick ’em up.

Dispatcher: OK, so the suspect may be southbound on California from Nelson, the last we know.


1442: 442. Just wanted to let you know we’re still following these tracks. We’re on Wellington, almost at Francisco. This guy’s headed westbound on Wellington, looks like.

Dispatcher: Wellington and Francisco, and you’re going which way? Westbound?

1442: Yeah, that’s which way the footprints are still goin’.

Dispatcher: OK, they’re still following the footprints, westbound on Wellington from Francisco.

Still later.

Dispatcher: All right, where are all the trackers at now?

1442: 442.

Dispatcher: Where you at, 42?

1442: I doubled back. According to the tracks he’s headed back towards California by this Cab Werks place at George and California.

Dispatcher: What kind of place was it?

1442: Cab Werks, uh, it’s right across from Oscar’s Sales, everybody should know where that’s at.

Dispatcher: OK, 42’s now following those footprints, he’s around George and California, heading back towards the old Cab Werks. If you guys catch this guy, I think I’m going to have to buy you a drink.

1431: Bunch of bloodhounds up there.

Dispatcher: I’ve seen it happen once on the Fourth District in zone eight, and it was really great, and they did catch the guy. I’d like to see it happen again.

Ten minutes later.

Dispatcher: 1442 information.

1442: I’m still riding around, but I’m clear.

Dispatcher: OK, then I’m still clearing up my mess here. But you’re clear.

1442: OK, I’m also gonna walk into this Oscar’s Sales, 2929 on California. That’s right around where we lost the prints, ’cause maybe this goof went in the store here, pretend he’s shopping or something.

Five minutes later.

New Dispatcher: 1442, you clear sir?

1442: Yeah, I’m clear.

1441: 41.

Dispatcher: 1441.

1441: Yeah, I just dropped that Burger King guy off. I’m gonna go into 14 and do this paper.

Dispatcher: 10-4.

UNIDENTIFIED CALLER: Whopper with cheese?