Monday, January 29, 9:25 AM

2310: Point of information–occupants of this apartment are two muscle guys, and the bulk of the narcotics is illegal animal tranquilizer.

Dispatcher: OK.

2310: So if you make a stop, you might have a good tangle on your hands.

Dispatcher: Just what we need.

Tuesday, January 30, 11:40 PM

Unidentified Caller: What’s up?

Unidentified Caller #2: What bedroom? The front bedroom? The rear bedroom? What bedroom?

Unidentified Caller: When you first walk in, it’s on your right.

Unidentified Caller #2: All the way to the front of the house?

Unidentified Caller: Towards the back porch.

Unidentified Caller #2: Towards the back porch. All the way to the kitchen?

Unidentified Caller: Before the kitchen.

Unidentified Caller #2: First bedroom on the right, going towards the, uh, the back towards the building.

Unidentified Caller: The one before the kitchen.

Unidentified Caller #3: It goes right to a shallow roof right out there.

Unidentified Caller #2: Goes where?

Unidentified Caller #4: Hey, where you guys at?

Unidentified Caller #3: I think it’s that room.

Unidentified Caller #4: Just send me a message.

Wednesday, January 31, 9:45 PM

Dispatcher: 956, could you take a ride by 47th and the Dan Ryan? Getting an anonymous caller saying an adult male jumped off the bridge onto the expressway.

956: OK, ten-four.

950: 950. I’ll head that way too, just in case.

Dispatcher: All right. Ask the call taker if she notified the state police. I don’t know if this is bona fide. Only one phone call on it.

950: If it’s true, it’s gotta hurt.

Wednesday, January 31, 11:25 PM

Unidentified Caller: We’re not gonna go on no fishin’ expedition.

Dispatcher: Good call.

Unidentified Caller: We may be bored, but we’re not that bored.