MONDAY, JULY 1, 11:50 PM

DISPATCHER: 1343 coming in.

1343: Did someone call us a wagon?


1343: Ha-ha. Very much appreciate it. We need transport for an individual to the morgue.

DISPATCHER: As soon as the wagon comes out, we’ll send ’em over.

1343: Ma’am, we need a medical examiner to come out here and pronounce.


UNIDENTIFIED CALLER: Pronounce it “dead.”


DISPATCHER: 1021, we’re gettin’ shots fired and a disturbance, 1405 S. Drake. Shots fired–it says approximately 14 male blacks on the street with guns, nothing further. Wait, now they hear shots being fired, but they can’t tell who’s got the gun.

1021:Is that 14, or four teens?

DISPATCHER: 14, one-four. Hang on just a second. Now there’s loud music, gamblin’, narcotics, and guns, and just all in front there.

1021:They just want the police over there to show them the way, huh?

DISPATCHER: That’s probably what it comes down to. Should we call for air strikes?


DISPATCHER: 1021, you’re on your way to Drake, right?

1021: Yeah, we’re right down the block. Why?

DISPATCHER: Well, obviously we’re not there fast enough for whoever this person is who don’t want to give their name, address, and phone number.

1021: Then they’re pretty important.

DISPATCHER: Yeah, they’re legends in their own mind….OK, I got a burglary in progress, units in ten and citywide, 4143 Cermak, burglary in progress. Somebody’s climbin’ up the side of a house, goin’ into the second floor. It’s a male black wearing a white T-shirt and white pants.

1013: Spiderman.

DISPATCHER: Yeah. You know, if I was a burglar, I’d dress in all white.



2523: This gentleman is denying that he ever called in that a man was shot.

DISPATCHER: Well, we have several calls–they’re all on tape and they’re all documented here. The ticket definitely says person shot. I don’t think they can misunderstand that.

2523: OK.

DISPATCHER: Oh, he also told you to get on your job. That was another remark he made.

2523: What remark, squad?

DISPATCHER: He told you to get on your job.

2523: Yes?

DISPATCHER: He’s also calling–he’s gonna have a big phone bill–he’s also calling in a vice complaint, a group of people selling drugs and being loud at 2417 on Tripp. This came in at–

2523: He’s spending the night with us.

Dispatcher: Ten-four.