Wednesday, July 17, 1:05 AM

Dispatcher: 944, there’s a disturbance, 164 E. 35th Street, says a Mr. Askew will be in front. You know what? That’s comin’ up the second district. That on nine side?

944: [Unintelligible]…el station…[unintelligible].

Dispatcher: 944, could you repeat that?

944: El station…[unintelligible].

Dispatcher: OK. That’s the second district?

944: Nine…[unintelligible].

Dispatcher: OK, it says see a Mr. Askew, but it doesn’t say what. Said he’ll be in front, but I don’t know what the disturbance is.

944: [Unintelligible].

Dispatcher: OK, 944, is that a ten-four?

944: This is 944. I haven’t been doing any talking squad–I don’t know who you’re talking to.

Dispatcher: Oh. Me neither.

Tuesday, July 30, 11:05 PM

Dispatcher: 132, can you go over to 39 w. Van Buren at the Dutch Luggage Company? That’s where we had that burglary–an alarm keeps going off.

132: Ten-four.

164-C: 164 Charlie. What was that description on that guy for that burglary?

Dispatcher: Supposed to be a black male–he’s five nine, thin built, black pants, light shirt, and he was carrying a big, large, douche bag. Dark color.

164-C: What kind of bag was that? What bag?

Dispatcher: Large bag. 171?

171: Thought you said douche bag.

Dispatcher: I did. I didn’t mean that. I meant Dutch.

Unidentified caller: Freudian slip.

Dispatcher: There you go.