Tuesday, August 27, 8:15 PM

Dispatcher: Somebody go over to 33 W. Kinzie, that’s Harry Caray’s Restaurant. They have a bomb threat, a bomb threat faxed to the restaurant. Says it’s five pages and has sender’s name and phone number on it.

Unidentified caller: Squad, was the name ______ and did it say “boom” at the end?

Dispatcher: Yes, that is the name. Can’t say about the end though.

Unidentified caller: Yeah, this guy’s been sending these around for the past couple weeks–the Bar Association got one and the AMA. Just another one for the file.

Dispatcher: OK, ten-four. We’ll send somebody over to pick it up and file it.

Tuesday, September 3, 12:55 AM

Dispatcher: 1121, you’re still lookin’ for blood stains or something, right?

1121: Yep, sniffin’ around.

Dispatcher: I gotta ask, are ya down on all fours?

1121: Just keep that little picture in your mind, sir.

Dispatcher: I have it, thank you very much. I have to get a cigarette now. 1122, 1122?

1122: Squad, we’re doin’ a curfew right now, what you got?

Dispatcher: All right, this isn’t gonna hurt. When you get done with your curfew I’m gonna send you to Sacred Heart. I have–I don’t–I have two, maybe three stiffs…could ya bend one in your trunk for the morgue?

1122: Say what?

Dispatcher: I said, can ya bend one in your trunk for the morgue?

1122: How about my glove box?

Dispatcher: Yeah, if it’s a baby, I don’t know…1020? Since you couldn’t put a stiff in your trunk, would you do me a favor and take a look at a suspicious auto with no occupants, a blue Chevy, male black, white tee–says no occupants and they gave me a description of some guy.

1020: Huh?

Dispatcher: Hey, I was just mumbling under my breath before I gave it to you. Just tell ’em a suspicious auto with no occupants–it’s a blue Chevy with a male black, white T-shirt and jeans, walking around the car now. This ain’t rocket science, but Jesus Christ! If you need any help over there, just give me a scream, would ya?

1020 (laughing): Where is that?

Dispatcher: Oh come on, look into those crystal balls of yours–it’s 3202 Ogden at the Church of Lord Jesus Christ!

1020: OK, Jesus Christ.

Dispatcher: You should know that, you should have known that. So you couldn’t pick up the stiff but how’s that?

1020: They gave me one of those the other day.

Dispatcher: First one in a long time, I understand, huh?

1020: It was real easy. I don’t know if we took ‘im in the trunk. We’ll have to look in the trunk, start checkin’ that later.

Dispatcher: 1022?

1022: 1022.

Dispatcher: 1022, listen, take this job with 1020, and I’m even going to tell you where this is at–it’s a suspicious auto with no occupants. It’s a blue Chevy, it has a male black with white T-shirt and jeans, and I’m betting even you can figure this out, that there must be an occupant in this car. 3202 Ogden at the Church of Lord Jesus Christ–if you could help out 1020, OK?

1020: 1020 again. There’s nobody here, don’t send anybody else over here.

Dispatcher: OK, 22, take a disregard.


1022: Amen.