Monday, September 16, 11:55 PM

1142: 142. Three things. One, we have a subject stopped whose heart is beating like a drum and his first words out of his mouth is “I’m not runnin’ from the police.” Two, can we get a description of who we’re chasin’? And three, does 1414 know where these guys got out of the car so we can go down and check the plate and see if it’s hot?

Dispatcher: OK, there’s no plates on the car–they still haven’t had a chance to run the VIN. The ones we’re chasing, one of them had a starter jacket, possibly took it off, has a light-colored T-shirt, jeans, male Hispanic, five foot ten, 178 pounds, goatee and a shaved head, but you can still see the hair on there. Second offender was a male Hispanic, five foot ten, wearing a baseball cap and a checkered white-black jacket.

1142: So we’re not lookin’ for a black guy, right?

Dispatcher: Far as I know, negative. 1414, is that correct, neither one of them was black?

1414: Ten-four.

Dispatcher: 42, negative. None of them were black.

1142: Let 1414 go back to where the car is, and run the vehicle, 1414, so we can know whether we’re chasing these guys for nothin’, or whether we got ’em for somethin’!

Dispatcher: OK 42, ten-four.

Unidentified caller: Can’t we all get along?

Wednesday, September 18, 8:20 PM

Unidentified caller: I told the citizen to call nine-eleven.

Dispatcher: Don’t tell ’em to call nine-eleven. Tell ’em to call nine-one-one. If you tell ’em to call nine-eleven they’ll go crazy lookin’ for the eleven on the phone.

Unidentified caller: Ten-four.

Monday, September 30, 12:50 AM

Dispatcher: How does the zone sound now?

1924: 924. Your [unintelligible] always sounds good.

Dispatcher: Oh, thanks.

1924: What are you wearing?

Dispatcher: Something blue and loose and light.

1924: Oooo.

Unidentified caller: Buck naked.

Dispatcher: With a dark bottom. Oh yes, and gold and silver accessories. Switch transmitters for us so you can hear us clearly.

1924: Huh?

1922: 922. Five-Frank-Ida, and tell Debby that I gave that mental her phone number.

Dispatcher: Debby, did you hear that?

Debby: Negative.

Dispatcher: 1922 said he gave him your phone number.

Debby: Great! Thanks a lot!

Unidentified caller: Can’t he get it off the bathroom wall like everybody else?

Dispatcher: Yeah, what’s wrong with the old methods?