Tuesday, November 19, 11:30 PM

Dispatcher: Got a person, possibly inebriated, ran into a pole. Are you alone in the car?

Unidentified caller: Just me and the good Lord.

Dispatcher: OK, you and the good Lord take a look at this drunk with the pole.

Saturday, November 23, 11:30 PM

Dispatcher: Unit in the area, shots fired, 1429 Fairfield, check out the area. OK, we’re also getting 1445 California now, shots fired, 1445 California, shots fired. We’re getting shots fired 3269 Palmer, we’re getting shots fired. And we’re getting 2109 Spaulding, 2138 Spaulding, shots fired….We got shots fired, 3269 Palmer, 2109 Spaulding, 2138 Spaulding. Units in 14, we’re getting numerous calls on the shots fired over there, 2142 N. Spaulding, 2155 N. Spaulding. Can I get a tac or gang unit to respond to this?

1431: 1431 is rolling.

Dispatcher: Get a tac unit in 14? Take a ride over there on those shots fired over there at 1429 on Fairfield?

1469-C: 1469-Charlie, we’ll take it.

Dispatcher: OK, 1469-Charlie, ten-four. Okay, we’re also getting 1445 N. California as well, shots fired. 1455? 421?

1421: We’re on California.

Dispatcher: All right 21, ten-four, you’re gonna ride over there also.

1421: Is there any caller?

Dispatcher: Negative. No one wants to look outside; they’re afraid they may get shot.

1421: [static]

Dispatcher: Well, that’s what we’re paid for.

Saturday, November 23, 11:55 PM

Dispatcher: On that name you were looking for, of course he’s a member of the Latin Maniac Disciples. But otherwise he’s clear.

Wednesday, November 27, 12:25 AM

32-A: Squad, can you let the 30-sector cars know that on 3800 on Flournoy they’re trying to set up shop, if anybody wants to do surveillance or something.

Dispatcher: They got anything for a toothache over there?

32-A: They have everything over here.

Dispatcher: They deliver?

Unidentified caller 1 [talking to his partner]: I have those guys on the corner over here.

Unidentified caller 2: What? Who? Did you say somethin’, John?

Unidentified caller 1: I thought you were comin’ over here. I thought that was you.

Unidentified caller 2: Did you grab somebody?

Unidentified caller 1: No, forget it now. I think they know who I am.

Unidentified Caller 2: Sorry about that, John.

32-A: 32-Adam again. I’m gonna sit on 3800 Flournoy for a minute, ’cause this is ridiculous over here.

Dispatcher: Want me to get you a fire truck for a wash down?