Tuesday, March 6, 11:40 AM

Dispatcher: There’s a red truck with Elston Block Company on the side dropping large rocks from the rear of it. If you see anything, could you give us a code?

1434: Sure will. Isn’t Bush supposed to be in town?

Dispatcher: Ten-four.

Tuesday, March 6, 12:40 PM

Dispatcher: 1431, I got some loud music on Hoyne Street.

1431: What is it, 20– or ‘– Hoyne?

Dispatcher: You got it, you know your beat.

1431: I’m over there all the time.

Dispatcher: They’ll keep you busy there. What, that’s one block and it takes care of 10 percent of the crime?

Wednesday, March 7, 12:05 AM

1111: Dave, could you swing by “Pitchareye”?

1171: “Pitchareye”? What’s that?

Unidentified Caller: Pizza.

1111: Home Run Inn.

1171: Ten-four, Rick.

Unidentified Caller: Duh.

Wednesday, March 7, 12:30 AM

Dispatcher: Got a person with a gun, South Pulaski. Male black, sounds like he’s in his 50s, states that his life is in danger, he’s gonna pop his gun off. Sounds like Mr. T.

Unidentified Caller: Sounds like a 19-Paul.

Dispatcher: Yeah, well, T was at Lake and Pulaski earlier.

Unidentified Caller #2: Sounds like he needs to go to jail.

Dispatcher: Murph, you gonna look at that or no?

1130: 1130, I’m lookin’ at him, about a block away if there’s a squad there before me.

Dispatcher: Ten-four.

1130: South Pulaski?

Dispatcher: Yes.

1130: Yeah, we’re gonna give it to 1123, they’re gonna take T in for phone calls again.

Unidentified Caller #3: About time.

Thursday, March 8, 12:20 AM

Dispatcher: OK, this is a disturbance at 68– on Sheridan. Apartment on the fourth floor, ring bell. Apparently the man is still making noise by clapping his hands very loudly. Anonymous caller.

2431: Ten-four, on the way.

Unidentified Caller: “The Clapper.”