Monday, May 27, 10:55 PM

Dispatcher: ’63-Eddie, go with the emergency–

763-e: 6— Lowe, male black, uh, he’s going down, he’s going down to the back there, go back to the front! Go back to the front, go back to the front! He’s in the front, he’s running inside. No, in the front! In the front!

Dispatcher: 6— Lowe, the guy’s in the front. Units, he’s in the front.

763-e: He’s trying to go in the front entrance!

Dispatcher: …All right, ’63-Eddie, you got the air, what you got?

763-e: Inside the building, it’s the low building, squad. Possibly up the stairs.

Dispatcher: All right, possibly up the stairs, units, 6— Lowe in the low building…

755: ’55, info.

Dispatcher: ’55, go.

755: [Static] stuff out [transmission cut off].

Dispatcher: OK, ’55, you got stepped on.

732: See, we got some fuckin’ assholes throwin’ shit down, bricks at the fucking car!

Dispatcher: ’32, where you at?

732: At the fuckin’ Lowe building, they’re throwing down bricks and everything at us.

Dispatcher: All right. 720?

720: I’m on the way.

Dispatcher: All right. 757?

757: I’m going over there too, squad…

Dispatcher: ’32, you OK over there?

732: Yeah, we’re fine. They’re just throwin’ shit at the car.

Dispatcher: All right, ten-four.

755: 755 on the scene. Where would they like us?

Dispatcher: All right, where do you guys need the other cars that are pullin’ up? Where do you need ’em?

Unidentified Caller: Just watch out for people throwin’ stuff out the window.

Dispatcher: All right, you guys copy that?

Unidentified Caller #2: Bring your umbrellas.