To the editors:

While Bill Wyman’s article on the police riot in front of the Aragon [January 18] contained some compelling narrative, his conclusions that the incident was little more than the behavior of “jerks” gone amok totally lacked perspective. Does Wyman have any notion of the long-standing problems of police misconduct in this city? The police are supposedly trained in the techniques of crowd control and the rudiments of legality. The responsibility of the officers involved and their superiors cannot be so lightly dismissed.

Putting the incident in the broader context of the unprofessionalism, brutality, racism, and political repression which has characterized the Chicago Police Department over the years would have been far more enlightening. Educating your readers about the citizen groups which are trying to address the kind of misconduct exposed by this article would have lessened their sense of powerlessness.

T. M. Kara

N. Malden