To the editors:

I want to voice my support of and thank you for your responsible decision to run the Dorothy Tillman cartoon [December 20].

Although I recognize the uproar it has created, isn’t that the point for an editorial cartoon? Political comics are rarely fondly embraced by the subject. When they are, it shows the wisdom of a confident and seasoned politician who keeps their eyes and ears open to public opinion.

I’m sorry that Ms. Tillman can’t appreciate the cartoon for this value. Or, at least the constitutional right that you and the artist have in expressing it. More importantly, as a voting citizen in the city (listen up Dorothy . . . ) I’m much more concerned that she can’t appreciate why the public finds her loose disregard for firearms appalling.

Dorothy, if you find the cartoon disrespectful, that’s the point! You’re supposed to. You should give some careful thought to why most of the people of this city find your careless behavior towards public well-being far beyond any definition of “respectable” conduct. Please don’t cast aspersions on your sex or your race by confusing the issue. I don’t believe many women or African Americans find brandishing firearms in a public meeting especially worthy of respect.

I’m also surprised that NOW has chosen to disregard the context of the political statement and lend their support to Ms. Tillman. I would think that they would find threats to the well-being of anyone, woman, man or child, socially reprehensible.

Hope your initial insight remains firm in light of Dorothy’s camp or the NOW folks flack. If our politicians or political action groups choose to ignore the issues, I guess it’s up to the press!

Bill Smith