To the editors:

Did Rupert Murdoch sneak into the Reader office? I expect a paper that runs a headline, “Legless Man Saves Baby” to have an article, “How To Strip For Your Man;” but not a paper that’s supposed to have some political sensibilities [March 17].

The article encourages women not only to submit to objectification, but to encourage it. If objectification was not the point, the article wouldn’t have mentioned “your man” and been about a class for women only (since this is a garbage article I won’t complain about the heterosexist basis also implicit). The class instructor is a professional stripper; when you consider the atmosphere in which a professional stripper works no credence regarding how to improve personal relations should be given to anyone who’s using that as their basis of expertise.

And, hey, Reader staff, what sensitive timing, since March is National Women’s History Month! Are you planning to do an article on how white people can put on a minstrel show next February during Black History Month?

Nancy Burton

W. Chase