To the editors:

With regard to the April 24 story “The Pique of Women Voters,” I found Judy Erwin an unusual choice to include under the banner “Tired of Politics as usual.” Judy Erwin has served in Springfield for over nine years as press secretary to Senator Phil Rock. In the endorsement of her candidacy, Skyline Newspaper said, “She was in the room when the deals were cut in Springfield.” To me, Judy Erwin is politics as usual, not an alternative.

Stephen Dolan

E. Goethe

Florence Hamlish Levinsohn replies:

Many of the women running for the legislature had some political experience, but when was the last time a press secretary ran and won? That isn’t the traditional route, and it doesn’t disqualify Judy Erwin or any other woman with some political experience from offering an alternative to politics as usual.