To the editors:

A recent issue of the Reader featured Danny Davis [February 8]. The most interesting fact in the article was what Mr. Davis had hanging on his office wall–pictures of Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X; both advocated violence whereas Dr. King did not. Who accomplished more for the poor blacks and other minorities? What you place in your personal space reveals much about yourself–and others. Do your readers want an end to gang violence and police brutality? If Mandela and Malcolm are Mr. Davis’s heroes, then we can only expect continued violence in the barrios of Chicago. Do you want to see your sons killed?

Adlai Stevenson once said, “In a democracy, the people get the kind of leaders they deserve.” A society rots like a fish–from the head down, that is, from our leaders down to the people. Mr. Reagan set the tone of the 80s with his emphasis on greed, and we took the bait with the sad results we see today.

Now Mr. Bush apparently is going to “sacrifice” hordes of young lives to keep the cheap oil flowing and to safeguard Israel’s “security.”

In America, we no longer value human life like we did when I was a child. If every family in this nation had a loved one in the Persian Gulf, then perhaps you would see a ground swell of opposition to this travesty. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

War has never solved a thing; on the contrary, it has usually led to subsequent wars.

Most people have short memories. What came after Vietnam? Besides the crippled, crazy, and/or dead veterans? Do you recall?

America is no longer “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” With computers keeping track of everything we do almost (by our Social Security numbers) and smart weapons that now do our killing for us, we have become less free and more efficient at murder.

Talk to any Vietnam veteran and ask him if we belong in the Persian Gulf. Ninety-eight out of 100 would tell you NO.

I am not signing this because I fear recrimination from the “powers that be.”


PS: Richie Daley talks a lot, but listens most to those with the most money. He promised something to every special interest group in the city in his last campaign. Don’t vote for a liar!

PPS: Too bad this letter can’t appear before the election. Prepare for the worst.