Pompous, Ignorant Pseudointellectualism

Dear Mr. Margasak,

Having just finished reading your mean-spirited, cruel, and needless outpourings leveled at Nash Kato and Louise Post (section 3, April 21st) I am finally satisfied that not only have you now completely disappeared up your own (tiny) anus (congratulations!) but you have exhausted any right you may have ever had to write about music–perhaps now is the time to apply to Martha Stewart Living for the position of Beanie Baby or flower arrangement reviewer, or something else usually reserved for the humorless old sea hag you have successfully become.

Perhaps I am not a fan of Mr. Kato’s or Miss Post’s music, but your pompous, ignorant pseudointellectualism, sir, is the stuff of a crass bore at a dinner party.

Now go and knit some bootees for your dolly, and leave the musicians of Chicago alone.


Christopher John Connelly

Wicker Park