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Dear Sirs/Ma’ams:

I was greatly amused by your Neighborhood News article of April 25 concerning Ms. Chamberlain’s worries about the constitutional rights of her four-legged children.

As I read further into the article, I began to question the nature of a person who, family practitioner or not, would let her dogs poo and pee in her own tub or claim she has never seen a dog attack a human, never! Is it “dumb luck” that keeps Ms. Chamberlain from reality?

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. Most of the families with children that play baseball are dog owners and love dogs as well. But we are the ones who end up picking up after a few unreasonable dog owners who not only leave it on the playing field but in our yards. We are the ones who have to kindly ask a select few to remove their unleashed dog from a playing field full of children and when rebuked by them are forced to push them off. And, we gladly reseed the baseball field each spring after it is torn to shreds by dogs. Churchill Park was made for baseball and it will remain that way for as long as Bucktown remains a residential neighborhood.

We know the majority of dog owners do pick up after their dogs, at least the ones who don’t let them go in their tubs. The majority are intelligent enough to realize that a field full of kids is not the place for a dog to be let loose. Bucktown residents are certainly “dog-friendly,” but only so long as common sense is used by those of us owning them.

Scott Waguespack


PS: Many thanks to the people who showed up for the Churchill Park spring cleanup!