Harold Henderson’s “There Goes Their Neighborhood” (Reader, 29 May 1998) succinctly covered a great deal of ground. I would not, however, characterize CHA’s plans as “rest[ing] on a foundation of exceedingly optimistic assumptions.” I’d say they rest on a foundation of exceedingly subtle deceit. Take, for instance, their “hopes” that some people now living in public housing will be able to afford the new homes that have been built where high-rises once stood. I remember driving by a bunch of homes not very long ago. The billboard said: “Town houses available, $249,000 and up.” A week later the prices had been painted out.

Richard J. Daley used the Housing Act of 1937 to make a poor black ghetto. Sixty years later, Richard M. Daley and Joseph Shuldiner are turning it into a ghetto for affluent yuppie whites.

Todd Wexman

N. Winchester