I wish you’d spent more time in your article on Wicker Park [“The Panic in Wicker Park,” August 26] about the fact that many (if not all) of the antidevelopment people in that area are displaced white North Shore poor little rich kids who got their hands on a Kinko’s Copy Card and are now having a public temper tantrum. These children are now pouting because someone is asking them to clean up (and pay for) their playroom, they could care less about disadvantaged artists.

May I also point out they have lifted nary a finger to help the causes they profess to believe in. It’s easy to screech their discontent on a handbill, it’s hard to actually work for change. These children refuse to participate in calm discussion while Mr. Happy has been only too generous trying to accommodate their views.

These children of Wicker Park are likely the same kids who took the el from Wilmette to spread graffiti and then race back home to safety. They have finally grown up and have been thrown from their homes into Wicker Park.

Maybe they should take a hint from their contemporary Liz Phair, another North Shore expatriate who is at least doing something creative and constructive with her life.

John Kutsch


PS: If you are wondering what someone in cow country knows about the park, my brother and I have owned an apartment building and neighborhood bar in Ukrainian Village since 1985. We think the neighborhood has improved a lot.