Dear Letters to the Editor:

While David Futrelle does his best to do a hatchet job on the informative conservative opinion magazine American Spectator (“The Rag of the Right,” August 18, 1995) he only succeeded in sinking the axe into his own posterior.

Futrelle is most dismissive of the Spectator because of its well-founded contempt for this country’s “popular culture.” Futrelle ignorantly sneers, “Most people are a little apologetic about such failings. Not the Spectator writers: they actually take pride in their disconnection.”

Poor Dave, he should have held his drivelings until after the Sunday (August 20, 1995) New York Times piece by Elizabeth Kolbert titled “Americans Despair of Popular Culture.” Kolbert reports that by “large margins,” a New York Times poll showed that Americans “have little good to say about TV, movies, and pop music.” It is also true that governments around the world are starting to act to protect their youth from the stink of American “pop culture.” Futrelle just doesn’t seem to notice the stench of it. Perhaps because he is a part of the source.

Oh yes, and Dave, the New York Times is not a conservative newspaper. Also Dave, African-Americans and citizens of many ethnic groups are as concerned about the corrupting influence of “pop culture” on life in America as we “white, middle-class” folk.

Thomas Drake


David Futrelle replies:

What really makes me angry is that because of people like Thomas Drake I was unable to get NEA funding for sinking the axe into my posterior.