Corey Postiglione says he never thought about teaching before he was offered a class at the Evanston Art Center in the fall of 1971. Postiglione, an abstract painter then fresh out of UIC, recalls that the center’s director “was interested in really kicking things up–doing something more professional, more contemporary than what art centers usually did.” Postiglione was told to make his course “experimental” and found himself leading a class of women at a time when the contemporary feminist movement was coming into its own and so were they. Encouraging abstraction and innovation, he took his students seriously as artists and taught unconventional techniques like painting on unstretched canvas. “It was sort of a way station for them,” Postiglione says of the supportive, creative studio environment that developed and continued over the next eight years. “They were my students and then they became my colleagues.” In ’79 Postiglione left the art center for Columbia College, where he still teaches; many of his Evanston students went on to art world careers. A Moment in Time: Women Artists and the EAC School, 1971-1978, the center’s 75th-anniversary exhibit, features work by 13 of Postiglione’s former students: Barbara Blades, Frances Andrzejewska Cox, Carol Diehl, Bonnie Hartenstein, Ellen Kamerling, Liz Langer, Lois Long, Lorna Marsh, Judy Norris, Sandra Perlow, Joyce Rebora, Fern Shaffer, and Annette Turow. There’ll be an opening reception from 1 to 4 on Sunday, February 29, with a discussion with the artists at 1:30. The exhibit continues through April 7 at the center, 2603 Sheridan in Evanston. Gallery hours are 10 to 10 Monday through Thursday, 10 to 4 Friday and Saturday, and 1 to 8 Sunday. There’s a suggested donation of $3; call 847-475-5300.