Hope you can stand another letter on the toilet-seat raiser [“Pipe Dreams,” September 15].

Obviously this guy has never done market research of a woman with a child, parcels, or an infirmity (even a temporary medical problem, like having crutches after knee surgery, makes for difficult and slow going). Trying to fit and manage these in the average rest room stall isn’t pretty, and a seat that doesn’t stay down is the LAST thing she wants to encounter. And has he seen any average children struggling with it? Will kids just give up?

The toilet seats sold for use in homes have lids–something that would be welcome in more public places too–for a very good reason: when there is NO lid and you drop something above the toilet, it falls IN. Who needs that?

Anyone of EITHER sex who leaves without checking to see if they splattered it needs their eyes examined–or a lesson in manners. Those truly concerned with “household harmony” put things back where they’re supposed to be, which means (all together now) “Replace the lid–DOWN.” If the lid is down, the seat’s down too. Easy.

Please print or forward this so that if Mr. Aramburo’s future experiments will have to be endured by the opposite sex, he’ll include women (not counting his steamrolled female roommate) and children in his estimations. That would be the really logical approach.

Maja Ramirez

W. Willow