Poor Daniel Holland is suffering from hepatitis C [“Critical Condition,” August 22]. Poor Daniel Holland, who is serving a 60-year sentence for rape, armed robbery, aggravated kidnapping, and deviate sexual assault in Cook County. All that came after the three armed robbery convictions in McLean County. (This information was conveniently omitted from your story.)

Your attempt to cast the victims in the Cook County incident as vengeful debtors is shameful and unconscionable.

Holland’s claim that “he was always adamant about using clean needles” is laughable. Holland is the victim of nothing but his own selfish actions. To cast him otherwise is ludicrous.

Did the article’s author even bother to find out the names of Holland’s many victims? Probably not. Who cares about them, anyway?

Daniel Holland is living the life he made and suffering the consequences he deserves.

Mark Bingham

N. Milwaukee

Tori Marlan replies:

I did mention all of the crimes for which Daniel Holland was convicted. But how he’s lived his life is irrelevant to the larger issues I raise in the article, which concern the state’s constitutional obligation to provide prisoners with adequate health care and the potentially dire public-health ramifications of failing to do so.