To the editors:

As a long-time John Lennon fan, I went to see the Temporary Theater Company’s version of The Lennon Play: In His Own Write and could not see the sense in anything said by ANTHONY ADLER [August 25]. Yes, I agree the cast and crew made it autobiographical, but what else would anyone familiar with Lennon think after he once said many times, “I write about me”? As for attacking the so-called arbitrary costuming, ANTOINE ADNOID might as well file suit against them for not using Edith Head. AMPHIBIAN ADLOC was vicious to say outright that the lead character could not sing at all. I did not exactly plug my ears when he opened his mouth. Lennon himself hated his own voice, so who’s to say who can and who can’t. That brings up another thought of people like Roger Egg-bert, ADRENALINE ANTI, et al. Critics, in my opinion, are a great example of journalistic swindle, collectively bilking millions annually from all aspects of the media. Pseudo-intellectuals who wear JFK hairstyles and suits sit there and scream, “Don’t see this. It’s a piece of shit.” Senor ADLIB writes very well. He should quit the day job and write a knee-slapping piece of fiction such as Albert Goldman’s Lennon fantasy. So, tell me, ENEMY AT-LARGE, how do you sleep at night? Personally, I felt the performance was anything but amateurish. It was well worth the admission price for a good time at a theater on a Saturday night.