In Ben Joravsky’s article about the loss of the art class at Warren Park [“Where Has All the Money Gone?,” March 16], he mentions in passing something that seems to be part of the trend to decrease programming in the parks. That is the increase in nontax revenues. Warren Park, for instance, receives rent from Carr’s Honda, across the street. Although it is true that the park supervisor focuses on kids’ programs, it is also true that they lease a large chunk of the field house to a for-profit tutoring company. They are a great company, but this should not count as “programming for kids,” more like “selling public resources to the highest bidder.” Not many of the neighborhood families can afford the $20/hour. There seems to be more concern with increasing revenue than providing programming. Friends who work in the system confirm that there is a trend toward these “cuts through attrition.” They blame the push for new revenues.

Name withheld