To the editor:

In your Section 2 annotation for Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut, you identify Joe Turkel as an actor playing one of the five replicants that Harrison Ford is tracking down. Turkel, though, plays Tyrell, the designer of the replicants. The performer you should have named is Brion James–a fine character actor who, since his appearance as Leon in Blade Runner, has a lock on psycho killer/monsters in B movies. You might remember Another 48 HRS. At first, it looked like it was just another plot about two unconventional cop/buddies with a gruff but understanding Captain. BUT, I knew right from the start that the police Captain was going to turn out to be the mysterious Mr. Big just by the fact that he was played by Brion James. His presence in the cast was the only twist in an entirely predictable, throwaway movie. You can also see James’s patented turn in Ultimate Desires (1992) as an ice-cold hit man from Germany; Mom (1991) as a werewolf who devours his victims; and The Horror Show (1989) as a murderer who dies in the electric chair but whose evil spirit returns for revenge on his executioners.

Michael Furl


Kankakee Public Library


Jonathan Rosenbaum replies:

Thanks for the correction.