Dear editor:

The theme of rejection of the messiah on his “second coming” is a venerable vehicle for social and religious commentary. Dostoyevsky used it brilliantly.

Cartooning–even when it’s primitive–can be a powerful and thought-provoking medium for commentary and criticism. Trudeau does it brilliantly.

But Garret Gaston’s “Coming II” in La Petite Camera (April 5) is none of that. If only he had stopped with his first panel and let it stand as the definitive, and deserved, put-down of “Kumbaya.” Alas, the rest of the cartoon is a puerile display of focused anti-Catholic bigotry and generalized antireligious bigotry, with a dollop of anti-Semitism thrown in. It stirs impulses to hate while advancing no one’s understanding of anything.

The Reader should have exercised sound editorial judgment and decided not to run the cartoon. Garret Gaston should wash his crayon box out with soap.

Joseph A. Morris


B’nai B’rith Midwest Center for Public Policy

Immediate Past President

B’nai B’rith Midwest