To the editors:

Just a note to add to the compendium of “great noises of rock ‘n’ roll.”

One of America’s most fabulous rock ‘n’ rollers, Wayne County, with his Anglo/American band the Electric Chairs, released in 1977 a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “The Last Time” in which Wayne actually (and quite audibly) tosses up the contents of his stomach (4 cans of “Special Brew,” approximately half a liter of red wine, 5 ounces of vodka and three-quarters of a kebab) midway through the song.

As regards the “Mustahd Mystery,” the word in question is “MERCY!” according to Mr. Harrison.

Mr. Margolis [Letters, August 28] has hit on the origins of weird recorded sounds when he mentions Mr. Hill’s obvious lack of knowledge of rock roots. The Beatles and other imitators of black music were copying the sounds they heard on records by not only James Brown and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, but by such masters as Little Richard, Howlin’ Wolf, Bo Diddley, and many others too numerous to mention.

Rock on!

Peter Crowley