To Bill Wyman and all involved in Section Three,

First off, I would like to say that the only reason I pick up Section Three is to read the Metro listing. On occasion, however, I have perused your Hitsville and Spot Check. I have a request for you: End all commentary, both positive and negative, of anything you consider “punk.” My reasoning is twofold: a) you use the term much too loosely and b) you really have no idea what you’re talking about. There is no need for you to criticize whoever the currently trendy Q101 punk band is because most punk zines have already castrated them. You also use the term “punk” for bands that are definitely not punk. They may play punklike music, but they are not punks. You see, punk is not a music, but rather an attitude. For example: Green Day used to be a punk band, but by signing to a major label etc they have rejected their punk ethics. Therefore, they are no longer punk. Secondly, you do not have the knowledge to criticize. It took me many years to gain an understanding of what punk really is, and I seriously doubt you read Dumpsterland, Underdog, hell, even Flipside and Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll.

I doubt you gave a shit when Naked Raygun was selling out the Riv in 1990. Punk is very precious to those involved, and we really want this whole Green Day/Offspring craze to die. Anyone who is on a major is not punk. Anyone who is on anything but DIY radio is not punk. And you, Bill (and I’m sure you take pride in this fact), are not punk. So please take your nose out of our business and stop all punk commentaries.


N. LaSalle