To the editors:

Being a WFMT listener for more years than I care to relate, I took interest in Bryan Miller’s interview with that station’s new program director in the June 22 issue of the Reader.

While I’m sure Mr. Dominowski’s intentions are good, I do not get the feeling that he is fully aware of how many of us who, because of its out-of-the-ordinary programming, have, in the past, kept their radio dials firmly affixed to this fine arts station. If he has a deep interest in serious music, or, for that matter, in quality programming, it seems to be well camouflaged in his comments.

My fear is that Mr. Dominowski has given the impression that he and the managers of WFMT have a lesser interest in retaining the loyalty of their old and selective audience than in gathering new “dial switchers,” who in the main part hear but really do not listen, and thus are likely to remain “dial switchers.”

Don Fritsche

N. Sheridan