To the editors:

Contrary to his cheerful, self-congratulatory conviction, Michael Miner is not “Ready for (School) Reform” [October 20]. Instead, he is part of the problem. He lives in a neighborhood where he has NEVER BEEN INSIDE THE LOCAL SCHOOLS except to vote NOW–but leaves it for the “less than equal children of “negroes, foreigners and Catholics.”‘ Nothing the reformers can do will solve the problem of people like Miner who feel (and felt) no obligation to become involved in–even, perish the thought, USE their own local schools. Instead, it is a new form of bigotry mixed with patronizing which he plans to dish out to the rest of us. What the local schools need is the Miner kids.

Maryal Stone Dale (aka Alzina)

S. Kenwood

PS: My three children went to and graduated from local public schools. I work for them now through Urban Gateways. What they need–always–is parents who will put their kids where their mouths are. Then the schools have to shape up.