Q: You describe your character of Bip, created 50 years ago, as a Don-Quixote type, “fighting against windmills.” Is Bip as optimistic now as he was in 1974?

A: When I founght in the Second World War, it was terrible, but after the war, I was full of illusions, thinking that we had fought the last war in the world…We were so young, a new wind was blowing, freedom, and we were so excited about creating a new world. Today there is such a big questioning. So no, Bip cannot be as optimistic as he was when he was younger. But he’s become deeper through the experience of life.

Q: What has allowed Bip to survive for 50 years? How has he remained so healthy?

A: The search for perfection. If you want to be on top of an art form, you always have to be seeking perfection.

Q: Anything else?

A: Vegetables vegetables vegetables. Salads. Vegetables. No fats. Vegetables. No drinks. Vegetables. No cheeseburgers.