To the editors:

About twenty years ago, while I was the principal of a south side elementary school, I was talking to an important black administrator who had a much bigger job than I had.

“You know,” I said, “lead poisoning could be greatly cut down or even eliminated very quickly. Babies eat the chips of lead paint that fall off of walls or that are peeling and can be lifted off. They don’t TEAR lead paint from the walls. If persons would simply go around the apartment with a pancake turner or a knife to scrape off the loose paint, and then sweep it up and throw it out, this would greatly cut down on lead poisoning in small children.”

“Yes,” he said, “but you could never get the landlords to do it.”

No indeed. My children may eat the paint chips tomorrow [Neighborhood News, May 25]. I have a pancake turner and a knife and the job might take an hour, but no, I’m going to wait for the MAN to do it even if my children are poisoned in the meantime. It’s a matter of pride, you know.

Oddly enough I saw ONE card on the inside of an “el” train advocating this. Just one card. The message was evidently withdrawn quickly.

L.M. Golber