To the editors:

On December 27, 1991, we called to register our total rejection of Nazi Nelson’s attempt at degrading the entire African race by depicting [December 20] an African woman, Alderwoman Dorothy Tillman, as some sort of violent prone masculine psychopath.

Ms. Dorothy Tillman is representative of the commitment that African women have for their family, their community, and their race and you have degraded all with your racist slander.

The Reader can’t hide their hands in this attack. It is obvious that your newspaper(?) allowed this known Nazi white supremist racist the space and your blessings despite the fact that Nazi Nelson had illustrated his deep hatred of African people when he depicted the late Honorable Harold Washington in a similar manner. Nazi Nelson’s stated purpose at that time was to bring Honorable Harold Washington down and his peoples’ reverence for him down.

The Reader’s alliance with this sick racist speaks directly to a willing complicity and the Reader’s racist intention in attempting to degrade a living symbol of African strength, grace, integrity, and the incomparable beauty of an African Queen.

You may consider yourself liberal, but, in our opinion, there is No difference between a liberal white supremist and a conservative white supremist.

From this day forward, when we see a Reader in the African community, we will treat it like the trash it is representing and put them where they belong.

Baba Kabaila and Tabasumu Gray

From the west side of your plantation