Obviously Neil Elliott doesn’t know dick about rats (Letters, April 12).

He asks us rhetorically when we last saw a rat and then remarks about rats being fast.

Sure, rats are fast; when they’re running across the street they’re fast. And that’s probably the only time ol’ Neil ever saw a rat. While picking up a hooker on the west side, no doubt.

If he’d ever lived in a place where there were rats, he’d know how bold they are.

He would know that if you get up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and there’s a rat in the hallway, it’s likely to just look at you while you pass. Easy target for a baseball bat.

Mr. E. lets us know more or less directly that he’s not a liberal with the remark about being surprised to find a “liberal” paper taking a position against the Hills’ children being taken away. He then clinches it with the smug, thinly veiled racism that’s so common in nonliberal views. Too bad.

John Baker

W. Loyola